The Marty’s Story

We celebrate the life and legacy of Marty Eagle each year with a birthday celebration featuring Stoli specials and his favorite band, Downright.

Located in the historic Five Points District of Birmingham, AL, Marty’s PM is a local favorite meeting place for cold drinks, late night food, and live music.

The bar is open from 8pm-6am every night and the kitchen is open 11pm-5am on weekdays and opens at 8pm on weekend nights.

If you’ve stayed out late in Birmingham, chances are that you’ve been to Marty’s during your travels. If that visit happened in 2013 or earlier, you might have met Marty himself, Marty Eagle.

Marty was a pillar of the music and bar community in Birmingham. From the day Marty opened for business in 1993 until his untimely passing in 2013, he was always right inside the door with a warm smile and welcoming handshake for everyone. Marty made everyone feel like a friend. His brand of hospitality and support of local music and artists drive us to do the same.

Though some things have changed since Phill and Marsha Mims opened Marty’s PM in 2014, many have not. (Bye bye, bar carpet!) We still use Marty’s original burger, secret sauce, and patty melt recipes; in fact most of the food menu remains the same, however we have expanded it to feature many more new items while staying true to tradition. We host live, local music on the weekends, and our doors are open to all late night wanderers. A sense of community is at the heart of our operation.

Jeff D. hosts Kamikaze Karaoke for Sunday Service Industry Nights and Pride Night on Wednesdays. Tuesdays are dedicated to letting the kitchen get as wild as they want with specialty hot dogs. Thursday nights boast tacos and a whiskey special. We like to host fundraisers and community events as often as possible, so if you have a request please contact us.

If you’re out and about on a late Birmingham night and looking for a place where you can have a cold beer and a burger with friends, we’re your bar! Be sure to check out our event calendar and facebook page to stay updated on upcoming events and we’ll see you soon!

The Marty's Team

" alt="Marsha Mims, Owner" class="staff-listing__image">

Marsha Mims


After moving all over the world as an Army brat, Marsha has finally put down roots and is proud to call Birmingham "home." She has more than 20 years of service industry experience, with 15 of those behind the bar. Since her first bartending shift, Marsha has dreamed of owning her own bar, a dream that was realized when she and husband Phill opened Marty's PM in 2014. A love of hospitality and customer service drive Marsha to continue honing her craft and training her staff members to provide exceptional guest experiences. When she's not at Marty's or planning a community event, Marsha can usually be found snuggling her pups Maple and Walnut.

" alt="Phill Mims, Owner" class="staff-listing__image">

Phill Mims


Phill has worked in every form of retail and restaurant service since his adolescence, ranging from bookstore manager to fast food and pizza maker. He found his niche when he joined the bartending staff of a local dive bar and worked his way up to bar manager. Anywhere Phill has worked he has created a culture of acceptance where all are welcome. After 15 years of service at the Plaza it was a naturally progression for Phill and his wife Marsha to move onto another late night location in Five Points South. They purchased Marty's in 2013 and reopened it as Marty's PM in 2014. Phill's experience in food service and the late night bar scene has helped Marty's PM thrive. Phill and his partners opened Marty's GM in Irondale in 2018.

" alt="Ryan O., General Manager" class="staff-listing__image">

Ryan O.

General Manager

" alt="Stephanie H., Kitchen Manager" class="staff-listing__image">

Stephanie H.

Kitchen Manager

" alt="Josh T., Bar Manager" class="staff-listing__image">

Josh T.

Bar Manager

" alt="Annie O., Bartender" class="staff-listing__image">

Annie O.


" alt="Berkley S., Bartender" class="staff-listing__image">

Berkley S.


" alt="Brandon T., Bartender" class="staff-listing__image">

Brandon T.


" alt="Brianna S., Bartender" class="staff-listing__image">

Brianna S.


" alt="Brian V., Door" class="staff-listing__image">

Brian V.


" alt="Chad A., Door" class="staff-listing__image">

Chad A.


" alt="Don S., Door" class="staff-listing__image">

Don S.


" alt="Jesse C., Bartender" class="staff-listing__image">

Jesse C.


" alt="Jordan T., Bartender" class="staff-listing__image">

Jordan T.


" alt="Josh R. (JRob), Bartender" class="staff-listing__image">

Josh R. (JRob)


" alt="Kay F., Bartender" class="staff-listing__image">

Kay F.


" alt="Larry W., Door" class="staff-listing__image">

Larry W.


" alt="Megan R., Door" class="staff-listing__image">

Megan R.


" alt="Mike E., Door" class="staff-listing__image">

Mike E.


" alt="Nick A., Door" class="staff-listing__image">

Nick A.


" alt="Tom D., Bartender" class="staff-listing__image">

Tom D.


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